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Where is the bottom of this fall?

The #market is at a very delicate point, with all markets being the protagonists of their own bloodletting, we can say that we are in a very complicated moment to predict what can happen in the short term.

As we have been talking about before, the dependence of the stock market on the world of cryptocurrencies is clear, but even so this is not the only thing that has caused this massive fall in BTC, in the last few days devastating news from the crypto world have also been the cause of this. STETH the stacked Ethereum lost its parity with it and this coupled with the Celsius Network blockade has made this a terrible week for the crypto ecosystem.

Therefore, seeing everything that is happening we could say that the bottom of #btc is yet to come and that the bear market we are in seems to be here to stay for a long time, meanwhile from here we send a lot of strength to all the people who had #STETH or their funds in #celsius Network.


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