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Possibilities for Colombia to adopt BTC as an official currency

There is a new president elected in Colombia, it is Gustavo Petro, a president who has shown himself on several occasions in favour of working with cryptocurrencies, highlighting their potential, as has Bukele in El Salvador, but...

What is the likelihood of Colombia adopting BTC as an official currency?

According to some studies, Colombia is the country with the third largest amount of Bitcoin by the end of 2021, just behind Norway and Russia, first and second respectively in that ranking. Given this background and a favourable scenario thanks to the laws of this country, it is very likely to see a large increase in cryptocurrency users in the medium term.

The large number of crypto users and large fortunes that are located in Colombia was already a fact, and now with a president inclined to the crypto community this number could multiply the numbers with which the country closed in 2021.

From here we hope that more and more countries continue to approach this world of ours, cryptocurrencies penetrate to the depths of society and the renewal of the old models will soon be a reality.

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