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Panama, second country to officially embrace cryptocurrencies

💡Panama has decided to bring out a law that admits bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (important detail) as an optional payment method.

Why is this so important? The approved proposal is undoubtedly a breakthrough because it will allow the use of cryptocurrencies in businesses in a completely legal way and protected by law, in addition to the fact that it will be a great attraction when it comes to attracting large investors to the country and that will encourage more job creation.

Also, the use of blockchain will be applied in the services offered by the government, with the aim of making them more transparent and efficient thanks to the scalability and transparency of the blockchain.

Therefore, from here, we congratulate all Panamanians, because it will be a law that will possibly improve the quality of life of many and make the country more prosperous. 🚀 #análisis #actualidad #panamá #criptomonedas #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin #bitcoinrockcafe #ethereum

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