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Is the creation of the digital euro possible?

The European Central Bank has recently launched a two-year research phase on the design and possible impact of the implementation of the digital euro.

Something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago may become a reality due to the growing influence and impact of cryptocurrencies, the large influx of online money that is beginning to appear and the substantial advantages that this implementation would bring to the financial system and citizens in general.

Welcome to the jungle

We observe a certain parallel with the "law of the jungle" that prevailed at the birth of the Internet, when the Internet was a totally untamed place, something that over time has been regularised and normalised, adapting to society, and society in turn adapting to the new medium; to end up being today an "almost" totally regulated area, maintaining the "Deep Web" as an "unregulated" zone only suitable for specialised users.

With the world of cryptocurrencies we believe that the same thing will happen, the DeFi movement is very difficult to stop and the centralised economy will have to jump on the bandwagon, so as not to lose ground and users.

Cryptocurrencies could be adapted in such a centralised way, that most people will end up using them, because they don't have to make the effort to understand the decentralised one or because of the difficult accessibility compared to the regulated one.

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