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Do "whales" regulate the price of BTC?

What factors influence the fluctuation of market prices?

Do the whales really manipulate prices as they please?

There are many people who accuse the whales of manipulating the market, when in fact it is these people and a large number of users who are influenced by the whales' actions and naturally influence the market, taking actions conditioned by these trends.

It can therefore be said that the actions of the whales have an indirect impact on the market, just like opinion leaders who pull masses of thought to one side or the other. It is therefore an indirect manipulation.

These powerful players use the FUD strategy to generate fear and discourage inexperienced investors by making certain moves that slightly affect the market (from a general perspective the variations that can be generated are quite slight) and thus get these amateur investors to panic and sell at a loss.

Currency market vs. cryptocurrency market

A second, perhaps more important, factor that has a direct impact on crypto market prices is its link to traditional stock markets.

Ironically, a system that seeks by definition to run parallel and be an alternative to the traditional system fails to do so and is influenced by the fluctuations of the latter. That is why we see how the downturns in the world's major stock exchanges drag down the entire decentralised ecosystem.

We know that there is still a lot to do, and from BitcoinRock we want to offer people the spaces and stimuli to learn more information and get more experiences, which will help us to better understand the systems and make better use of them in the future.

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