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What is BitcoinRock?

BitcoinRock is a themed restaurant where technology and gastronomy go hand in hand.

A meeting point for all audiences, and especially for the crypto community.

A space for Blockchain culture and
the new digital economy.


There is nothing, NOTHING more profitable and more happiness-generating than the good food.

At BitcoinRockCafé you will discover our international fusion food at smart prices.

It would be like a "Smart Contract" between urban and daring gastronomy, at a good price, in a technological, unique and welcoming environment.

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DeFi Menu

This is our new 2022 menu, a variation of delicacies that crosses borders. 

International fusion cuisine for all tastes.

With a modern technological touch. Urban and brave.

Are you brave?

Come and discover it.



"BitcoinRock is a universe of experiences, we want to be part of the culture of each city, that's why we will support the initiatives that are happening in our different worlds".

Fondos mundos 500px Music.jpg


All the musicians will play a leading role in our experience... without them and their music it would be a catastrophe for creativity.

Fondos mundos 500px Digital.jpg


We enjoy and live the technology and in this way we are one step ahead, giving an extra special touch.
Join us!

Fondos mundos 500px sports.jpg


We connect the #bitrocker community with sports. 
If you practice sport, in any way, you will have a leading role here.

Fondos mundos 500px Academy.jpg


With integrity and in balance between training and information, you will find a channel with workshops given by professionals in the sector.

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Travellers, cinephiles, artists or those in love with life, we'll bring you the latest news, to keep you up to date with what's happening in your city.


Join us in our international expansion plan, to bring BitcoinRock to the most important cities in the world. 

Complete the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You will hear from us very soon.

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